Punchin Pandas - Classes

Fitness in Kettering

We are currently running a restricted number of classes due to Covid-19. See our Shotokan Kettering & Corby site for details

We run specialist classes for children aged 3 to 7 throughout the week. For family, older children and adults classes, see the full list of classes on our Shotokan Kettering & Corby site.

To book, email or call 0772 0430 798. Make sure you BOOK EARLY as we only have limited space!

When you come along to our club for the first time feel free to watch a session first or to start you just need to wear clothes to exercise in and bring a drink ,everyone is very friendly and helpful and we are here to make your first lessons a positive and enjoyable experience.

Children and Parents Together

Many adults who participate in karate started with their children, however, we do understand that some adults are often reluctant to join or have a go. That is why, by way of encouragement, we are offering free training for a child who starts at the same time as a parent. The first lesson is free, there are no joining fees, standing orders or direct debits; just pay £3.50 per lesson and you don't need to wear any specific clothing. You will receive a warm and friendly welcome and everybody is treated equally; also, we pride ourselves in making our lessons interesting and exciting.

The Benefits

The specialist class for children aged 3 to 7, while the emphasis is on fun, benefits: